The Sales Prophecy


There's more to sales than meets the eye.

Sales are a form of alchemy.
They are a form of magic.
And the key thing about sales that makes them so powerful: They come from your mystical business.
This means, sales are a PRECISELY CREATED form of wealth.
It is not money from a tax return. It is not money from a refund. It is not money from a lottery ticket.
It is a precisely coded, specifically crafted creation that is probably the most YOU kind of money you can create.
And can we tell you about something else? Something we do, and something you can do to?

You can read your sales prophecy.

You’re probably like what in the fuck does that even mean.
It means exactly what it sounds like. You can read the FUTURE BLUEPRINT of your sales.
You can pick up CODES from its upgraded state.
You can literally HEAR and READ and SEE the names of people, prices of offers and the results of upcoming sales conversations by tuning into this prophecy (We once saw the name of a total stranger drop in, along with a number. This person went onto purchase an offer for exactly that price point exactly one hour later.)
And it changes the whole game.

There's a reason sales are harder to manifest.

They require YOU to be the vessel for the ALL THE WAY.
From start to finish. Literally from the birth of an idea to the exchange of the idea for money (unlike other forms of cash manifestation where the actual vessel of it has been built already).
This is where mystics stumble. This is where they lose their magic. This is where they wonder why the fuck they can’t translate their codes – codes that work SO WELL for clients – to their sales numbers.
It’s simply because no one taught you sales magic. No one had woven magic codes with sales codes and dropped them on the grid so precisely so you could absorb them.
Until now.

This 90-minute Sales Prophecy Masterclass will completely change the way you experience sales.

You know, your numbers will actually start going up for once.
You will hear prospects say yes for once.
And you will begin doing so at the EXACT price points that make you truly euphoric.
Who are we to teach you this?
Just two kids who have sold multi-six figure packages to millionaires in minutes.
We have helped big-time coaches create millions in their business. (Like $500k sales months).
Not to mention closing $70m land deals with no prior experience.
You don’t want to miss this.

Meet your hosts

Known as the Royal Couple of the spiritual world of consciousness, Naveed & Sonika (CEOs of Wild Dynasty) have apprenticed directly under the biggest names within the spiritual industry.

Having earned millions of dollars, and helping their clients do the same, this power couple is now here with a their very own spiritual legacy that is considered one of the most cutting-edge energetic frequencies found anywhere on the planet.

Dreaming of a world of pure magic, money, love and health, they are now creating the very world they have been in search of their entire lives – one that no current spiritual leader has ever built.

Having unlocked their own inner Alchemist, they are now paving the path for others to learn the new art of Chaos Alchemy. Their clients are unlocking potent, high-level psychic abilities and upgrading their sight so they can begin to weave their own waking dream of money, health, love, business and more.

The Details:

This amazingly powerful masterclass is a 2-hour digital experience and it comes with a textbook for you to easily follow along and go back to when you need to find any quick answers to your burning sales questions.

Enrollment Options

You have two magical options of enrollment into this experience.



With the Traveller option, you may simply enroll into the masterclass as a one-time experience, and keep the recording for life.

With this option you will receive the full experience of the masterclass recording and lifetime access.




With the Alchemist option, you may enroll into the full mini-course experience as part of our Wild Alchemist Portal membership and receive not only this masterclass, but access to previous and upcoming classes, a beautiful portal, remote activations, genius tone activations and an ongoing Facebook group for support. You will have access to all content as long as you’re a member.

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