Activate Your Inner Alchemist.

The Alchemist is the potion-maker. The elixir extraordinaire.

The one that decides on the formula, the ingredients, and how much of each to utilize to create the perfect spell.

The Alchemist is also a very important and magnificent portal in your very own body. It’s your entryway to your multidimensional self. It’s the archetype that flips you from reflecting on the outside world, to casting your very own spells of creation.

This is how you invert your sight. How you unlock psychic abilities. How you create from Nothing.

When your inner Alchemist is active, you move from survival and healing to art and magic.

The Wild Alchemist Portal is where we teach you the Dark Alchemist’s form of magic: Chaos Alchemy.

A Portal to Magic

Wild Alchemist Portal is the mystical portal through which we will guide you on working with the new consciousness and upgrading your psychic abilities.

It is for those who wish to join in this work of spiritual consciousness and bring through the new laws and teachings so we can make magic come to life the right way.

This is where you will begin to upgrade your energy bodies and systems so you can host the new blueprints of consciousness and break down old grids that have kept the world stuck for ages.

Your own individual brand of magic is ready to unleash. And it’s ready to bring you wealth, love, health and more.

Live transmissions to activate you into your personal magic, and provide a live journey of Chaos Alchemy & The New Consciousness.

Dive deep into the rituals and magic that have been passed down for generations and unveil their magical upgrades so you can weave them into your own practice.

Remote group activations that will install upgraded codes in your body and introduce you to mystical experiences, synchronicity and more to begin upgrading your psychic sight.

Dark Art & Genius Tone activations that will work as a catalyst to help you tap into your Diamond frequency and channel the New.

Experience the myth of the new consciousness and immerse yourself in the study of alchemy, magic, bodywork and more.

Learn different forms of magic, alchemy and practices from other guest Alchemists and add to your own work.

The Membership Experience

Monthly Transmissions

You will experience transmissions every month that will deliver to you the Diamond that the Wild Dynasty team has been crafting just for this portal over the course of the month. This content will be delivered nowhere else except here in this experience. Wild Dynasty is constantly creating portals for its own upgrades, and will be delivering you codes from this new magical space via transmissions, mini-courses and more.

Dark Art & Genius Tone Activations

Naveed’s genius tone and dark art activations have been the portal for many to be able to shift their genius energy into tones and images that have strengthened their bond between this physical world and their very own mystical realm where their own myth lives. By deepening your connection to your own realm through the potency of this artwork, you will activate specific blueprints in your body, and will start to channel its pieces into real-world magic, offers, love, health and experiences that will truly bring your waking dream to life.

Remote Group Sessions

We have conducted group activations, spine activations, unhooking experiences and more for many clients. This begins to activate your senses to see beyond collective rules and allows you to tap into a frequency that doesn’t yet exist on this current grid. Your frequency. This will also introduce codes of money, wealth, health and love to you that are so potent that they unhook you from deep-rooted shadow instantly.

Guest Alchemists

This new field of consciousness is vast. So vast, we will probably only discover a tiny piece of its knowledge in our lifetime. So we are bringing to you guest alchemists that hold other pieces of the puzzle, and allow you to experience different energy throughout this experience. More so, this may also be the space for you in the future if you wish to become a guest on this platform.

Online Portal

This experience comes with a online group for delivery, and the School of Magic portal which will house these monthly bundles for easy access. Eventually, this portal will be your go-to space for teachings on all kinds of magic as we bring to you the newest laws of wealth, money, business and more (such as astrology, self-love, health, relationships).


Here’s what’s happening live right now:

Your Mystical Craft

Join us on our transmissions as we show you how to escape the money matrix and truly focus on your mystical craft, as well as how to navigate the world of magic and synchronicity to create amazing results.

Multidimensional Magic

A 3-module experience that will dive deep into your multidimensional abilities and teach you how to cast spells, fold into your environment and access your superpower psychic abilities.


You receive these bonus programs with your membership:

The Luxury Field

Get exclusive access to our Luxury Field program where we introduce you over 3 training modules to Dark Consciousness and show you the nuanced differences between the known consciousness of Vortex manifestation (the current law of attraction teachings) and the new way to work with energy that will be your portal to magic in a way you’ve never imagined.

The Royal Dynasty

The Royal Dynasty is a 5-day elixir designed to trigger your luxury-based shadows, and truly install the essence of a royal into your bones. It is a mix of dark consciousness and light sovereignty that truly activated everyone who participated into a state of wealth that they had never experienced before.


Dazzle is a month-long journey down the alchemy surrounding marketing and what it takes to truly Dazzle your audience into buying. Through actual examples and energetic teachings, we lay out the step-by-step path to creating a mind-blowing experience for your audience to turn them into paying clients.

Supernatural Money

Supernatural Money is a massive taste of the money codes that are available to us. Taking you down the archetypal highway of the Lover, Sovereign, Warrior & Magician, we show you the exact energetic frequencies that truly make money a supernatural experience for you.

Wild Holiday Bundle

This was a very special program, designed exclusively to bring forth your genius and activate your very own signature experiences for clients by shedding the old ways of doing things, and teaching you how to turn shadow into gold in a magical way.

I'm ready to activate my inner Alchemist.

Naveed & Sonika

Known as the Royal Couple of the spiritual world of consciousness, Naveed & Sonika (CEOs of Wild Dynasty) have apprenticed directly under the biggest names within the spiritual industry.

Having earned millions of dollars, and helping their clients do the same, this power couple is now here with a their very own spiritual legacy that is considered one of the most cutting-edge energetic frequencies found anywhere on the planet.

Dreaming of a world of pure magic, money, love and health, they are now creating the very world they have been in search of their entire lives – one that no current spiritual leader has ever built.

Having unlocked their own inner Alchemist, they are now paving the path for others to learn the new art of Chaos Alchemy. Their clients are unlocking potent, high-level psychic abilities and upgrading their sight so they can begin to weave their own waking dream of money, health, love, business and more.

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I'm ready to activate my inner Alchemist.